Messed up priorities of students in college

Many students in college have some messed up priorities. Students in college usually get distracted away by all the entertainment and socializing opportunities that are open. Many students do not realize that until it is too late.


More commonly, students who do not have many aims and ambitions in college easily get their priorities messed up. Such students usually need only a trigger, to get distracted from their main aim. The main aim happens to be studying, of course! However, 50% of the students do not even engage themselves in self-studies session on a daily basis. In fact, many students do not even write their essay assignments all by themselves. Instead, they prefer to hire essay writers uk to get their task done. As a result of this, they miss out a great learning opportunity. Similarly, students in college usually skip a lot of classes. In some colleges, there is a requirement of having a minimum of 75% attendance in all subjects. This rule ensures that students will at least attend 75% classes or else, they will not be allowed to sit in the final exams. However, it is observed that this method of forcing students to attend the classes is itself not very efficient.


Non-interested students will simply spend away their time in the classroom while surfing on their phones, or sleeping with their heads down.

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By Tessa Jung
Added Oct 26 '16


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