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The last Nizam of Hyderabad was so rich he had a

Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThis eccentric Indian ruler was the world's richest man. He had 86 mistresses, 100 illegitimate sons and employed 38 staff to dust palace chandeliers.Yet the last Nizam of Hyderabad, Sir Osman Ali Khan, also knitted his own socks, wore the same patched clothes for months and cadged cigarettes from his guests.The crumpled turban that he always wore was in stark contrast to the ostrich egg sized diamond he used as a paperweight.He was officially called His Exalted Highness, but was nicknamed His Exhausted Highness because of cartier love bracelet gold fake his complicated lovelife.The last Nizam was the ruler of India's largest princely state the size of Scotland and England combined and was the richest man in the world until he died, aged 80 in 1967.This week, more than 40 years later, India has finally agreed to begin negotiating a settlement between the Nizam's 470 bickering descendants over cash he left in a London bank 60 years ago.The Muslim ruler had deposited in a high street bank account in 1948 just before his kingdom was taken over by India while he pondered letting his southern state become part of Pakistan.He kept much of his fortune, but lost most of his power.It was a drop in the ocean for him his wealth was then estimated at in gold and silver and in jewels.But then has swollen to now.So as the legal wranglings begin, the legacy of the eccentric Nizam lives on in the stories of his extreme decadence. and eccentric tightfisted frugality.There was the time he wanted a new blanket to keep him warm and ordered a servant to buy him a new one with strict orders not to spend more than 25 rupees (32p at today's rates).The aide came back empty handed because a new blanket cost 35 rupees (45p). So the Nizam made do with his threadbare old blanket.Then there was the time he donated trunkloads of gold coins to the National Defence Fund of India and said to his workers: "I am donating the coins, not the trunks. See that they gold cartier bracelet copy are returned."He disciplined himself to live on the equivalent of a day and smoked the cartier gold bracelet men fake cheapest brand of cigarettes, relighting and smoking the discarded butts he once took a cigarette from an adviser, cut it in half and offered the man half back.Yet he surrounded himself in outrageous sumptuousness. It is said he owned enough pearls to pave Piccadilly Circus in London.In one of his many palaces he had a wardrobe half a mile long, bulging with exquisite silks, brocades, damasks and fine muslins.Another palace had a mile long banqueting hall. In the basement of yet another palace was an underground vault full of run down trucks and lorries. They were stuffed full of gems, pearls and gold coins.The Nizam, terrified of a revolution or takeover of his state, made plans to transport his wealth out of the country. But then he grew bored with the idea and left the lorries to rot.In 1955, when he heard that mice had nibbled away of old banknotes stored in trunks in a palace cellar, he shrugged off the loss.But he also had a sensible side. He was replica how much is a cartier bracelet taught English, Urdu and Persian and is credited as being the genius architect of modern day Hyderabad, which is now one of the biggest cities in India.His rule saw the expansion of roads, railways and the postal system, established universities, hospitals and factories.Yet for all his intelligence and good breeding, he was not above committing the odd faux pas.When the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII and, after his abdication, the Duke of Windsor visited him in 1922 he wanted to make sure he felt at home. So he arranged for his chamber pot lid to play the National Anthem when it opened.
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