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Fagerbakke was best known for his role as the football player turned assistant coach "Dauber Dubynski" on the sitcom Coach. Oh, and for having a name that sounds like the Klingon slang for "circle jerk."

Fagerbakke' character on the show was a dimwitted buffoon who, along with Jerry Van Dyke, sent Craig T. Nelson' character into explosions of arm waving exasperation. That' about as deep as it went for Dauber, all 189 episodes of him.

Maybe still reading for roles that have "dim witted" or "mentally challenged" in the description. Or, if you're the ironic sort, maybe you think he turned out to be a real life supergenius who kelly bags hermes copy now owns a software company and occasionally appears on MSNBC with glasses and a sophisticated beard.

Gross is best known as the dad ("Steven Keaton") on Family Ties, which in turn was best known for Michael J. Fox and Justine Bateman, who played his noticeably short children. The premise of the show used the well trodden idea of "liberal teens versus conservative parents" but flipped it on its head. Instead, it was "conservative teens versus liberal parents." Up was down and left was right! Sadly, that' really about as crazy as the '80s got.

Well, Family Ties wasn't Gross' only claim to fame .because Gross went on to play "Burt Gummer" in the Tremors movies. So, you probably figure he' working on a direct to DVD Tremors 5, paying his bills by fighting "graboids" and "ass blasters" (It' Tremors slang, people, look it up.).

As a "railfan" (which sounds like slang for train sex enthusiasts), Gross has been a spokesman for World' Greatest Hobby, hosts/narrates a boxset' worth of railroad related documentaries and even owns part of Santa Fe Southern Railway.

It' relieving Hermes So Kelly Bag replica to see vintage hermes kelly bag replica a rarely seen actor pick up a hobby that isn't drugs or prostitutes. Though, it's possible that turning into your nerdy uncle who plays with his model trains may be Hermes So Kelly Bag fake taking it too far to the other end of the spectrum. Also, and for no reason whatsoever, Michael Gross teaches us how to plan for our picture walls.

Do Night Court fans have a convention? Court con? Night con? If they do, then he's making $20 per autograph.

If not, then you figure he's probably dancing, singing, cooking, exercising, roller skating, wife swapping, boxing or generally being humiliated on the actor recycling center that is reality television.

There are some geeks out there who are probably saying, "Of course, we know where Moll is! He voiced Harvey Dent/Two Face on Batman: The Animated Series! Where have you been, freakin' Mars?"

Moll also turns up in no budget horror and sci fi movies you'll probably never see unless you look really hard on the discount DVD shelf or watch the Sci Fi Channel. Nightmare Man, Razor, Angels with Angles, and the upcoming Headless Horseman are among those on the list.

Moll also stars in the web series The Fantastic Two.

But, far stranger, the Lifetime Channel is making a movie based on Moll' life called The Leaning Tower of Bull. So you can turn up your noses at us for putting this much thought into Moll' life, but the Lifetime Channel is out there paying people to act it out on camera. So, there.

Jail. Or, best case scenario, maybe turning up in a straight to video Steven Seagal movie, most likely as the lead henchman with a goofy nickname like "Grimace."

Talking shit to Megatron, believe it or not.

McCrary voiced the heroic Autobot "Jazz" in the Transformers movie. Per the script and Michael Bay' subtle direction, McCrary gave Jazz a deeper characterization than what the '80s cartoon could: the token black guy.

Still, it' work.

There were some ugly Internet rumors about McCrary, namely that he was spreading HIV to many, many partners. There appears to be no proof at all of this (according to Snopes, anyway.) And, in his own defense McCrary has said, "Only thing I am guilty of is loving ladies! And maybe loving them too good."

Seriously, that' what he said. Assuming the ugly rumors aren't true, we'd kind of like to hang out with the man.

We'd guess something other than acting. Like how George Foreman stopped being a boxer and became a grill salesman, or how Al Pacino stopped acting and started making good money doing Al Pacino impersonations.

She had a "too smart for acting" vibe, so we'll take a stab that she writes books or columns for various magazines.

Other women, thus shattering the hearts of many a young male who spent hours on his Sara Gilbert fan site on Geocities back in the day. Gilbert has two children with Allison Adler, the first of which her partner carried while Gilbert gestated the second.

She also supports a healthy dose of organizations like Meals on Wheels, Freedom of Speech and AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Combine her parents' history of addiction and a lack of work after Full House, and you get a shitstorm of drugs and booze that began in high school and culminated with meth a few years ago.

But more importantly, what' with that screen caption up there? Either it' written in Engrish or it' somebody called "Fallen Star" who is composed of a Full House actress and meth.

Thankfully things did turn up. Five rotted teeth and a lengthy stay in rehab later, she now gives public speeches about her addictions. AND, she' happily remarried and expecting her first child in 2008.

She' also gotten back into TV, hosting Pants Off Dance Off (hey, it's work) and is working on a television pilot called Small Bits of Happiness about a suicidal child actress. We're thinking every episode will end in a dramatic musical montage with a forced voice over.

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