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John Silvester's Naked City column

Around 3500 people attend Inside Story sessions every year which have been running for more than 15 years. Money raised has funded more than 40 major hospital improvements in the name of fallen police.

On May 13 at Scotch College two of Victoria's most notorious crimes will be examined by the men who helped solve them.

Detective Sergeant Henry Van Veenendaal is one of the state's most experienced murder and sex crimes detectives and it was with a sense of unease he began to investigate a series van cleef and arpels earrings fake of attacks on women in central Melbourne.

In most serious cases the investigator hastens slowly, more whale than shark sucking in everything rather than launching a spontaneousattack.

But when it is a serial predator time is the enemy as history shows the crimes become more violent, frequent and blatant.

Van Veenendaal was assigned to stalk a serial stalker who would follow women until he found one he could isolate. He did not chose darkened parks or quiet streets but prowled the very heart of Melbourne where you would think there would be safety in numbers.

Noone knows how many women the offender followed for at least three months before he was caught.

The sex offender, who cannot be named because he was only17 at the time, walked for hours around Melbourne hunting the perfect victim.

At one stage he followed three teenagers for blocks until they wisely hid in the Southern Cross railway station toilets.

Many women would not know to this day they were targeted. Perhaps they turned into a busy street, met a friend, grabbed a cab or walked into a building something that would make the stalker move on.

"He became more violent as he went along. He was like a lion stalking his prey," Van Veenendaal says. One violent struggle lasted more than nine minutes.

The sex stalker engaged his victims in conversation before creeping up behind and attacking.

It was just after midnight on November 9, 2013, when he grabbed the first, a 22 year old woman, as she walked along Bourke Street.

A month later it was a 24 year old who was attacked as she walked alone, talking on her mobile phone. He dragged her into a deserted car dealership on Kings Way, near Albert Road, between 2.30am and 3am on December 7.

On January 18 he abducted a 22 year old in Flinders Lane by putting a shard of glass to her neck and forcing her to walk more than a kilometre through the city. She mouthed the words "help me" to anyone who passed before she was dragged into a stairwell near the Southern Cross railway station and raped twice.

Police had strong CCTV images of the man and were van cleef and arpels white gold alhambra necklace imitation able to trace him prowling around the city for up to three hours at a time before he found a van cleef alhambra necklace imitation victim.

So dangerous was the offender that Van Veenendaal told his daughters they should not travel to the city until the predator was caught. Each attack was more serious than the last and police feared at the timehe could progress to murder.

Once the offender (a Colombian language student) saw the vision released to the media he knew he would be identified. He went to his Melbourne based mother and stepfather, telling them he may have robbed the women but was no sex offender.

Van Veenendaal says the naive guardians tried to hide him in a camping ground on the Great Ocean Road and planned to drive him to Sydney for a one way trip home.

With the help of the public he was found, arrested and eventually sentenced to a minimum of five years' jail and is then expected to be deported.

Which is just as well as his chances of reform are considered extremely poor. His first violent attack occurred just weeks after he arrived in Australia, which would suggest a dark past in his native Colombia.

The second crime is one that is as tragic as it is shocking. The case of Robert Farquharson who in September 2005 deliberately drove his car off the road between Winchelsea and Geelong and ploughed into a farm dam to drown his three children.

He managed to free himself and swim to the bank. His children sank with the car. It was Father's Day.

The case was immediately referred to the Major Collision Investigation Unit but very quickly there were suspicions this was no accident.

Farquharson said he lost control of his Holden Commodore after he fainted due to a coughing fit but the tyre marks told another story. After the car left the road it appeared to smash through a fence, veering around a tree before entering the water. The ignition and lights had been turned off.

In those early days everyone without the facts seemed to have an opinion. Was he a devastated dad or a cold blooded killer? Why had he swum for his life? Why had he not called the police? Why was he driven to the home of his former wife, Cindy Gambino, without alerting emergency services.

Why was he so calm when he returned to the scene? Gambino later said he behaved as if "he'd lost his pushbike".

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