Kaka: Champions League final support Real Madrid, be careful Alves


Date & time May 20
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Brazilian star Kaka  (click Rocket League Items)  accepted the "Gazzetta dello Sport" interview that the Champions League final will support Real Madrid.

Kaka said: "This will be a beautiful game, Real Madrid gorgeous attack and Juventus excellent defense of the contest, this is a game everyone wants to see, C Luo and Higuain may decide the outcome of the game. Juventus is another key player is Dani - Alves, he is going through a great season.I do not say I think who will win, but with the United States Lingge heart, I will cheer for the Real Madrid.

Kaka believes that Milan is no longer managed by Berlusconi and Galliani some strange: "I can only thank Berlusconi and Galliani, they let Milan in the world stage has become a top club, because they past a few Years for the team's contribution, they will always be in my heart.

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